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Good communication isn't magic!

Picture the scene, if you will. It is Christmas at the table of the Dickensian Cratchit family. The family is sitting down to a meagre Christmas lunch, prepared by Mrs Cratchit, and appreciated with many compliments and congratulations by her family. Sisters and brothers politely help one another to the dishes of the season’s celebratory fare. There is a well-mannered and caring atmosphere as children and parents converse with respect and humour.

The changing nature of human relationships in the 21st Century

The nature of human relationships has changed so much in a relatively short space of time... and as a result how we connect with one another...

In this video, Maurice Tomkinson, owner and psychotherapist at The Hope Street Centre talks about the diversity of people he has worked with and the ways in which therapy can help with communication and enhancing relationships.

Thank you to Lyn Lowe at Whisper Creative for producing this video

A word paints a picture

There is a sub-urban pond close to where I live. It is named after the larger of the residential roads that border it and carries the designation “Pit”. It is surrounded by hedges of hawthorn, birch trees and hornbeams. For many years probably, I am ashamed to say, upward of 15 years, I avoided entering the “Pit”.

One day, for a reason I don’t remember but was probably to do with an internal voice telling me, in no uncertain terms, that I was being ridiculous and I really should be better informed about my neighbourhood, I entered the park through the kissing gate.

Welcome on board Dewi Thompson


A warm welcome to our newest therapist to join The Hope Street Centre. Dewi Thompson joined our team just two weeks ago, having gained lots of experience at North Staffs Mind and within the IAPT service. Dewi says:

"Sometimes it is difficult to talk to those close to you about things that are troubling you. You may feel embarrassed about what is bothering you, or you may feel that you will get a bad reaction if you tell someone close to you.

Counselling can give you that opportunity to talk to someone who can help you look at how you are feeling without judging you and giving you their own opinion on what you should do."

Lower Stress, Increase Productivity and Wellbeing


If you are responsible for or support individuals in your organisation then this under 4 minute video with Tianne Croshaw - one of our Mental and Emotional Resilience Coaches - is a must see.

Stress in the workplace is on the increase as are the days employees are taking off due to stress and anxiety. Also on the increase is Presenteeism, where employees aren't absent from work but are much less productive and engaged.

Tianne will share what is happening to stressed individuals on a biological level and what the simple solution is.

How to let go and land safely


Imagine how it would feel to no longer be at the mercy of emotions that drain us and instead learn something about ourselves and about the world, leave the rest behind and strike off in a new direction."

Feeling wounded can leave us feeling vulnerable and maybe alone, too. Perhaps our trust has been betrayed deliberately, unintentionally or thoughtlessly, by someone close to us or by a company to which we have shown great loyalty or commitment; perhaps a deep longing can now never happen.

However, we do have a choice about how we respond to the mix of emotions that wash through us and over us – we can continue to hold on to them, often because they are familiar and, in a strange way, comfortable or we can let them go.

Time for love in five steps. Don't let love slip away.


You get home, shattered, your partner's shattered. The kids are too loud, too demanding and way too enthusiastic for the evening. You all need feeding, watering and attention. Your head hits the pillow and the cogs aren't slowing down.

Where in your days and weeks do you catch up with your partner? How many weeks drift by, without either of you realising you aren't really connecting at a deeper level.

This is the slippery slope to co-existing with each other, before drifting apart emotionally.

Don't let love slip away. Something that has worked wonders with many couples, is so simple it almost sounds untrue - until you do it.

Watching The Pocket Watch, From Misaligned Myth to Trusted Therapy, by Joanna Gibb


The traditional image of hypnotherapy is one filled with mistrust; pocket-watches swinging to-and-fro before an expectant audience, onions becoming apples in the eyes of the beholder and grandmothers aping farmyard animals before the bliss of a snap-induced amnesia. In order to understand hypnotherapy and the reasons behind its continued use one must first understand what a hypnotic state is. The hypnotic state actually occurs naturally in our day-to-day lives, “if you’ve ever really gotten into reading a book or watching a television show and the rest of the world around you has sort-of gone away. Hypnosis is very similar to that” [Katie Durchester, Stanford University] . It may be described as a meditative state in which a person reaches an enhanced sense of relaxation, however on a psychological and biological front it appears to go deeper than that.

Hate your job but scared to change it?

Scared to change jobs

Firstly, well done for admitting fear. The first stop to solving something is admitting it's happening. That can be very scary, so take comfort from the fact that you've now you’ve done a courageous thing -- and you are still here, still breathing, still surviving, still going on. 

Maybe you're wondering whether to stick in your current job, or whether to go for something new, and possibly worrying about an additional investment of time and money in re-training for a new career. These are all great things to think about...just don't stay stuck in wondering and worrying.

No careers professional can tell you what's the right decision for you - only you can discover that. However a careers professional can help you deal with the fear and move forward, untangle your thoughts and feelings about career changeand take some do-able steps towards a happy career for you.

Here are some questions that will help

Beat stress and get resilient! Amazing new venue, same amazing price at just £120

Vale Royal Abbey

14th September 2015, from 9.30am until 4.30pm at Vale Royal Abbey 

The date has been released, back by popular demand! This workshop is not to be missed If you have or know anyone that is allowing stress to interfere with living a better life with greater wellbeing. Also fabulous for anyone who manages people or teams as you'll get so much understanding of yourself and others' behaviours.

Tickets are now on general sale for our 14th September 2015 'Beat stress, get resilient' workshop at a discounted rate of just £120. 

Are you looking to learn how to beat stress and respond to challenges with a resilient mindset? If so, our workshop could be just what you need. 

About us

The Hope Street Centre is an independent centre located in the attractive rural market town of Sandbach in South Cheshire, with easy access to the M6 motorway and the railway network at Crewe.  The centre is readily accessible from the neighbouring towns of Congleton, Alsager, Middlewich, Holmes Chapel, Knutsford, Crewe, Kidsgrove, Winsford, Northwich, Warrington and Stoke on Trent.

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Our Address: 10 Hope Street, SANDBACH, Cheshire, CW11 1BA
Telephone:      01270 764003 (weekday afternoons only)

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