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My name is Kevin Spruce and I am a qualified registered accredited counsellor that practices primarily Person Centred Therapy, and I am a member of the:

  • British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) 
  • BACP Children and Young People (BACP (CYP))
  • British Psychological Society (BPS)
  • Association of Life Coaches (ALC)

As a registered member of the above I follow a clear set of ethical guidelines which includes working confidentially and attending monthly supervision (clients are not identified outside of the therapy room). Cheshire Therapy Services offer affordable face-to face counselling, life coaching and Motivational Interviewing Programmes for adults and young people and counselling for young children, from practices in North Staffordshire and South Cheshire.

It is an inevitable part of life to come upon certain situations in which we feel overwhelmed, and mostly unable to cope very well.  These situations may be caused through feelings of anxiety, depression, anger and frustration, or confusion, and at times we may feel that we are unable to share our inner feelings with those closest to us.

Trying to make sense of a loss can be particularly difficult, or issues in or around employment, or even within our intimate relationships, or maybe simply we want to make more sense of, or develop more purpose in, our lives.

It is at times like these that Counselling can offer us a safe, open and supportive  environment which is outside of our everyday lives.  Cheshire Therapy Services offers a place where we can be free to explore where we have been, where we are, and where we want to be.  Counselling can assist us in finding out who we are, so that we can make life changing decisions based on that knowledge, and to use that knowledge to overcome any barriers we may have had to living our lives in contentment.

At the heart of Person Centred Counselling is the belief that you are the expert in your life, and that you have the ability to change what you wish to change, and at the pace that you want to change it.  I as the counsellor offer you a relationship that is non-judgemental, empathic, and that will offer you total acceptance and warmth.  I offer a counselling relationship that will enable you to access your inner resources so that you may overcome the barriers to personal growth.  If you feel that we can work together, please contact me for an initial consultation.

I also offer Motivational Interview Programmes that deal with ambivalence and resistance to positive change, and also Life Coaching to assist individuals to regain control of their lives in areas such as relationships, careers, work-life balance and self value/confidence.

I have worked with Clients from all backgrounds, ethnicities and sexual orientations, and have addressed a wide range issues some of which include:

  • Employment Issues
  • Substance Misuse
  • Bereavement and Loss
  • Exam Stress
  • Sexual Abuse  
  • Domestic Violence  
  • Co-dependancy
  • Resettlement Isolation
  • Post-Traumatic Stress (Trauma)
  • Family Relationships
  • Familial Dynamics
  • Relationship Issues
  • Suicide Ideation
  • Anger 
  • Anxiety
  • Self Value
  • Stress (includes Combat Stress)
  • Depression   
  • Addiction Counselling  

Work experience

  • Charity - You and Yours - 2 years (Adults and Young People)
  • Charity - Place2Be - 2 years (Primary School Children)
  • Private Counselling Practice - 4 years
  • Coaching Practice - 14 years
  • Veterans Counselling Service - 4 years


Counselling:  Sessions are made up of 1h

  • Initial session fee £30 (counselling only).
  • Adult (18 and over): £45.00 per session (£220.00 for 6 sessions paid for in advance)
  • Young People (16/17 year olds): £40.00 per session (£190.00 for 6 sessions paid for in advance)
  • Children (8-15 year olds): £35.00 per session (£160.00 for 6 sessions paid for in advance)

There are discounted rates available for those on low or no income, and students, please contact Kevin for details.

Life Coaching (16+ only):  Sessions are made up of 1h 30m

£60.00 per session (£165 for 3 sessions paid for in advance)

Motivational Interviewing (18+ only):  Sessions are made up of 1h 30m

£60.00 per session (£165 for 3 sessions paid for in advance)                            

Additional attendees: £15 per session per attendee (for instance if a client wants to bring in a partner)

PhD Candidate Socio-Psychology
MSc Counselling Psychology
BA (Hons) Psychology
Diploma in Life/Business Coaching
Post Graduate Diploma Motivational Interviewing
Contact Information: 

Kevin Spruce offers the following therapies:

About us

The Hope Street Centre is an independent centre located in the attractive rural market town of Sandbach in South Cheshire, with easy access to the M6 motorway and the railway network at Crewe.  The centre is readily accessible from the neighbouring towns of Congleton, Alsager, Middlewich, Holmes Chapel, Knutsford, Crewe, Kidsgrove, Winsford, Northwich, Warrington and Stoke on Trent.

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Our Address: 10 Hope Street, SANDBACH, Cheshire, CW11 1BA
Telephone:      01270 764003 (weekday afternoons only)

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