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Letter dated October 2011

Dear Julia

I am not one who normally feels comfortable in writing to somebody to ask a question about me.  I am only concerned with normally looking after other people and think of myself last.

I wonder if you could help me.  I am having great pain in my back and shoulder.  I have an employer who is making me work long hours without a break in front of a computer.  I find my work stressful because I work hard for my employer who is very bad tempered which affects my nerves. 

Could you help me please?



Dear Jill

I am sorry to hear you are working long hours in pain.

Stress may cause you to have serious health conditions later in life such as heart disease and high blood pressure which may be prevented by treatment now.

Treatment as recommended by Government Legislation may be at home and at work where you should have regular breaks and ambient conditions.

Vertical reflexology therapy is a new reflexology which is more powerful in less time.  A massage to the tops of the feet while you are in a sitting position at work.

At the Hope Street Centre Aromazone treatment may help to reduce anxiety, pressure points to your feet may relieve backache, soothing chamomile and lavender calms the mind and Reiki may help to resolve relationships and improve health reducing aches and pains in the back and shoulder.

A couple of Herbie Therapie Magic Drops applied to your temples and wrists throughout the day may manage back pain and stress on a daily basis.

Some self-help techniques applied to your hand will balance the mind when the environment is stressful and the use of a lavender heat pack applied to your back will soothe.

At work the employer should supply a rest for your back and feet to ensure you are in the correct sitting position to reduce the risk of backache.

Please come and see me for me to show how I can help you feel better.

Take care.


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